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78 - 82 Kingsbury RoadErdington, B24 8QJ

Rated GOOD by CQC

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Can I live with my partner? 

We have some large rooms that provide shared accommodation

Do you support people of different cultures and faiths to lead their lives in the way they choose? 

Any member of our local community is welcome to use our services, we care for and support individuals from all walks of life and that is what makes our family special

Do you allow pets 

At Oakwood we recognise the important role pets have in people’s lives, we ask that Individual’s are able to care for this pet themselves and they do not pose any risk to any of our other residents

What kind of support and assistance do you offer? 

We care for and support elderly member over our community over 65 years of age, who live with dementia. We offer a fully inclusive service that can meet a wide variety of needs for example assisting with a bath, managing medication, assistance with meals and finding you fun ways to spend your day!

Can I go out when I like? 

Our resident are free to come and go as they please. We do often support individuals who lack capacity and would be at risk in the community if not accompanied by a member of our team

Are there set visiting times 

Oakwood is our residents home and we must respect at all times. Our staff view themselves as guests in our residents home and visitors are welcome at any time. Some of our residents are quite frail and like to rest in the evening, so we ask that visitors do not come too late.

What is the food like? 

We provide a wide choice of meals and snacks that are nutritious, tasty and meet individual cultural choices. Mealtimes are not set in stone and our residents can eat whenever they wish

Do you allow smoking? 

Oakwood is our residents home and it is a smoking is not permitted in the building.  We do provide an area outside for our residents to smoke

What does it cost to live at Oakwood? 

Our weekly fees are set based on our assessment of the support we need to give you and meet your needs, as well as the facilities we offer you or your family member. For more details please speak with the Home Manager

What would I do if I had any concerns? 

We will always listen to what our resident and their families have to say about the care and support we give. We are friendly and open; we encourage feedback at all times and nothing is too much trouble.

What training do the staff have? 

All staff undertake a formal and structured induction and we ensure that our team are qualified, skilled, safe and competent to carry out all their duties. We encourage our team members to learn every day and work with you and your family to live your life the way you choose